May 15

Came across this piece as I was reading an anthropological journal article. Fifty Seven years later (if you are tracing events since the date the poem was written), and fifty nine years later for Palestine, it still is "water on the water".

And the death of the people was as it has always been:
as if no one, nothing had died,
as if they were stones falling
on the ground. or water on the water

Y la muerte del pueblo fue como siempre ha sido:
como si no murlcra nadie, nada,
como si fueran pledras las que caen
sabre la tlerra, o agua sabre el agua.
Pablo Neruda
Canto General, 1950


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

i appreciate all the work you did in your samidoun blog during the war, which provided strength to countless of us who read it daily, and the other worthwhile, liberation-minded efforts that you contribute to your fellow brothers and sisters in the human family. go here for an image i made from your profile image:

Muzna said...

Thanks for your kind words and for the picture. I am glad that some of my work did give you strength, though I have to say that tens of people have contributed to Samidoun's blogs (I can tell you that at least 12 people have worked on the Lebanon updates one with the translation and maps), of course also 100's worked in the relief efforts, and some have persisted and done wonderful work in the reconstruction.
So you think I should change my profile picture?

Lujayn said...

Nice work Ibn Bint Jbeil, although I would prefer Muzna keep her profile photo. I like the x-ray effect, if my opinion counts :)

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

well, i don't necessarily think that you SHOULD change your profile picture; i just gave you that altered version, for you to consider.