Love on auction?

I looked for Love on ebay - I wanted some and that is where I seem to be getting everything I need these days - and found 808,837 items! I did find less than 45,000 when I searched for sex; seems after all that there is more love on offer in the market than sex. Sorted them by price (lowest first of course, I am on a student budget) and found - for less than 5 pence:
- heart beads,
- butterfly stickers,
- a VHS version of Sean Connery's "from Russia with love" James bond film,
- an "Adult Sex Attraction Ring Love"
and for a little more, I could have bought a Psychic love email or a stainless steel wedding ring.

Not what I am looking for, and I know I shouldn't be cheap.. but the priciest findings are houses on "Love Lane" for sale and a "So Loved" licensee plate for two million pounds!

Went for "new" items only (out of experience with used love), in the non-fiction section obviously, and the only thing I found of interest was a "love knitting book"

Wanted to try Amazon, but I was pissed off that they closed Wikileaks servers, so will have to go without for now.