Now that we have a stamp...

.. all we need is the state.

This stamp for the State of Palestine is now available for travellers to the country. It is neither legal nor  official, but sure is legitimate. Khlaed Jarrar, the guy who made it, is stamping visitor's passports and sharing updates here.
My favorite update was a comment sent to Khaled by a traveller with a "State of Palestine" stamp on his passport after going through Ben Gurion Airport on his way to South Africa:
Just a short note to say thank you for you bold project of legitimising the Palestinian state. At Ben Gurion the only response I got from security was, “Oh, I have not seen this before” and when I arrived at immigration in Cape Town, the official said, “Oh, that is beautiful.” I kid you not, that’s the exact words!
I want one on my passport, hoping that a visit soon follows. Check him out stamping traveller's passports, and if you manage to catch him, make sure to honour your passport with one.