Love on auction?

I looked for Love on ebay - I wanted some and that is where I seem to be getting everything I need these days - and found 808,837 items! I did find less than 45,000 when I searched for sex; seems after all that there is more love on offer in the market than sex. Sorted them by price (lowest first of course, I am on a student budget) and found - for less than 5 pence:
- heart beads,
- butterfly stickers,
- a VHS version of Sean Connery's "from Russia with love" James bond film,
- an "Adult Sex Attraction Ring Love"
and for a little more, I could have bought a Psychic love email or a stainless steel wedding ring.

Not what I am looking for, and I know I shouldn't be cheap.. but the priciest findings are houses on "Love Lane" for sale and a "So Loved" licensee plate for two million pounds!

Went for "new" items only (out of experience with used love), in the non-fiction section obviously, and the only thing I found of interest was a "love knitting book"

Wanted to try Amazon, but I was pissed off that they closed Wikileaks servers, so will have to go without for now.


Tania El Khoury said...

Come find love in Shoreditch. I'll give you lots for free. I like this blog post.

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folfol said...
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