Encounters with the first fall of September Rain (Sketches)

Sketch 1: Somewhere in North California (based on Hollywoodian influences)

They are sitting on green grass. It is late in the afternoon, a breeze comes their way and interrupts their conversation. They don’t pay attention to the warning; their passion for ideas is as agitated as ocean winds.

Suddenly, it starts to rain heavily, as if buckets of water are pouring from the sky, and the quiet atmosphere in this small public space turns into a market bazaar: kids shouting & running towards safe structures with ceilings, teenagers singing and dancing with the drops, car engines & wheels scratching the ears of this sunny afternoon...

Her hair slowly became wet, and took the color of her eyes. She is beautiful. He is looking at her as if for the first time. It seems that autumn this time is bringing more than rain and dead leaves; a new sentiment...

Sketch 2: Somewhere in Lebanon (based on true story)

It is ten at night. They are tired after a long day of work & social obligations. They arrive at home, change their clothes, and decide to spend an hour watching a movie. It is an old Egyptian Black & White that is supposed to be one of the best Realistic Art movies ever made. The Couch seems ready to embrace this newly-married couple that is still inducing fresh stenches of love.. The movie is as good as the critics say, the new world has taken them away, their eyes seem to be hypnotized by an invented reality on a small TV box..

Suddenly, a loud noise of an explosion from the street brings them back to their own reality... In one second, many ideas mix (like a moulinex does to soup vegetables): is it political? Fights have started again? Who can do that? Al Qa3ida? 8th/14th of March? Israel?

The complete darkness in the room, along with the interruption of all electrically operated elements in the house gave them the refreshing & comforting answer: The Electric Cable feeding the building has exploded..

They went outside the balcony to check. They were received by small drops of water announcing the end of summer. It seems that the autumn not only takes the heat away, but the Electricity as well.. They lighted candles, and danced honoring the rain and their relation. They will not have Electricity for at least 3 days..

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