Twisting the arm of the garbage man

She was throwing the garbage out of the bag and into the street, the lady who works in the small shop next to my office. She is in her late fifties maybe, but her health is not at her best. She explained it to me when I made one of many facial expressions on which I have very little control:

- "He wouldn't pick my trash bag", she said. But wasn't she supposed to take it to the large container up on the corner, for the van to collect it not the poor guy who cleans the streets?

- "Yes, but its too far, and I am too old", She replied. That was a whole 100 meters away, by Lebanese standards it definitely requires a car.

- "That would teach him. If he doesn't want to take the whole bag, I will have him take it, off the streets, piece by piece!"

So, I continued my walk through a street full of her garbage, and the worker who gets a tiny wage, was coerced into work that is not his, by a women probably as oppressed as he is.

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Liliane said...

Good story. Who's right?

Muzna said...

it might be easier to answer who is wrong.. the garbage man isn't for sure, as it is not his job to pick up the garbage from individual houses.. but then..

Armigatus said...

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Anonymous said...

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Muzna said...

glad you like it anonymous.. hope you read Arabic as most of more recent writing is in Arabic..

Anonymous said...

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