Photos & More on Hussein’s Mother

I was hoping the blog will help me write more regularly. I need to write, for my own sanity, I need to tell the stories to be able to let go of them. I will do soon.

Below are some photos from my visit to the south, taken in the Tyre District. My internet connection is not helping and I can't download more that these two for now.

And, for those who asked; Maher and Hussein spent a harsh day in Tyre. Hussein’ mother was not one of the 90 bodies buried that day and we still don't know where she is.

Bazourieh, Car of family from Aitaroun killed during their escape.

Qana, they left the laundry outside as if running an errand and soon coming back, but it has been over three weeks.


Maha said...

Write for our sanity as well, Muzna... Write for our sanity as well.

anisa said...

Keep on Muzan, documenting these stories is so important for all of us.

Take care my dear.

anisa said...

sorry dear for missing up you name! MUZNA!

tania khoury said...

im checking ur blog everyday. it's giving me clear idea about what's really going on. please tell us when u know something about hussein's mother.

rania said...

Muzna..please WRITE about «your» old manara